Subscription FAQ

Subscription FAQ

Seasonal Subscription is defined as DUET’s Spring, Summer, Autumn and Holiday sets. One set ships each season for a total of 4 shipments in a subscription period. Which set ships first is determined by what season is being shipped when the subscription begins, followed by the consecutive seasons. When purchased as a subscription, the 4th set is FREE. Shipping of $5 and applicable tax will be charged for the 4th/final set. The free set will not ship if the subscription is canceled at any point. The subscription does not automatically renew after the 4th set ships. 

Ship Date/Bill Date Schedule:


  • Ship Date: On or before May 15
  • Bill Date : May 1


  • Ship Date: On or before August 15
  • Bill Date: August 1


  • Ship Date: On or before November 15
  • Bill Date: November 1


  • Ship Date: On or before February 15
  • Bill Date: February 1

Subscription Payment will be applied as follows:

3 payments of $34.95 + $5 shipping + tax will be charged on the bill dates, as noted above. 

1 payment of $5 + tax will be charged at the time of the 4th/final shipment (you will NOT be charged the recurring $34.95 for the 4th shipment)

Total subscription price: $124.85 + applicable tax

  • The first payment will be made on the day you subscribe. 
  • Subsequent payments will be charged on the 1st of the month, as noted above. 
  • Any changes to your subscription MUST be made prior to the BILL dates, as noted above.
  • Please log-in HERE to manage your subscription.